• Impact AI (Artificial Intelligence)!

    Impact AI provides Decision Engine functionality through an Artificial Intelligence platform as a service.
    Leveraging an Intelligent Assistant model, and drawing upon PhD research as well as commercial enterprise applications, Impact AI opens the world of distributed intelligent assistance and decision engine capabilities to virtually any viable company around the globe.

  • about us

    Impact AI, LLC is a leading provider of intelligent assistant, dynamic process control solutions.

    Leveraging an operational resonsance-driven iBrain platform with content agnostic encapsulation, Impact AI provides a highly configurable "white label" set of access points for virtually any site company and any size "intelligent" process based on patterns. Industry and academic experience.




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    Platform as a Service

    No need to recreate from scratch. The platform is operational and accessible and you can build upon (rather than re-build) from there.

    Beyond Branch-Logic Algorithms

    Branch-logic algorithms constrain to known solution paths.Decision Engine scriptlets parameterize solution elements to solve previously "unsolvable" solution paths

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      Impact AI, LLC

      E-mail: impact@imapctAI.com

  • Privacy policy

    Does Impact AI Share the Information It Receives?

    Information about our customers is an important part of our business, and we are not  in the business of selling it to others. We share customer information only with authorized assigns in order to provide specific content and/or validate access to the iBrain platform.

    Automatic Information:

    Upon service engagement of any Impact AI platforms, we may receive and store certain types of information whenever subscribers interact with our services. For example, many content and Web sites may use cookies particular to their information and their sites; we do not receive that information unless particularly configured cookies are created for Impact AI. We do, however, obtain certain types of information when you receive and view messages sent through the iBrain platform such as confirmation when you retrieve, receive, open, and review content messages (including digital signature data associated with each process). By using this system, you agree to receive the information for which you are authenticated to receive, even when automatically triggered through background processing of the iBrain platform, and you acknowledge that digital signature data is collected for messages sent through the iBrain platform.

  • MORE

    Operational Decision Engine

    Encapsulated Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Phase Navigational Guidance. Publically accessible through strategic partner and/or licensing agreements.

    Foundation on which to build.

    Highly customizable architecture allows for extreme customization of the decisions and guidance to be captured and executed.

  • AI processing in a backplane platform

    Impact AI  is a leading provider of resonance-driven processing

    In leveraging an operational, scalable, and sustainable resonsance-driven iBrain platform, Impact AI  provides for it's strategic partners a highly configurable "white label" set of access points; these access points enable virtually any size company to add dynamic intelligent-assistance and decision-engine capabilities into their functional suite of services. Resonance-driven processing is a dynamic blend of situational context synthesis, proactive outreach triggers, objective transactional targets, and information theory pattern matching models, all packaged within a neural network type of distributed process-control model.

    resonance-driven processing enlivens both proactive and reactive senario-maps over time

    Proactive and reactive senario-maps are highly parameterized pattern matching scriptlets that encapsulate declassified navigational guidance and intelligent-assistance knowledge nuggets building on not only mathematical algorithms but also physiological psychology foundations. ...

  • Profile

    Operational Platform as a Service

    leveraging declassified navigational guidance models and neural network processing models. Tap directly into the power without needing to invest in re-create the starting point.

    Configure for your needs and application for a fully customizable solution

    Configurable for full customization; Platform for immediate operational availability.

  • History

    Impact AI  brings together a combination of critical advanced technology advances and experience from both academic research and practical commercial enterprise applications.

    Beginning from PhD research toward a formalism for the automation of neural network construction and processing control, a twenty-five year career in crafting commercial enterprise applications of neural network models and Artificial Intelligence processing in multiple commercial enterprise systems on a global scale was born.

    Driven by behavior research and physiological psychology, a context-driven, solutions-oriented suite of user-centric processing power emerged.

    Complemented through breakthrough innovations in multi-part multi-constraint navigational guidance algorithms, a decision engine platform began its commercialization journey.

    The outcome is the operational and highly configurable   iBrain   service suite platform.

    To learn more about our history, or what the   iBrain   could do for you, simply email us at   impact@impactai.com

  • More...

    Situational Context and Time Trajectories are encapsulated as proactive and reactive senario-maps  within the Impact AI  resonsance-driven iBrain platform; this encapsulation model enables the system to both respond and  adapt to changing situations and objectives over time. To that end, embodied within an intelligent-assistant paradigm, resonance-driven solutions enable not only traditional dynamic interaction or branch-logic decision tree algorithms, but also drive time-varying context-based interaction triggers as a blending engine for systemic response patterns and targeted outcome objectives.

    The resonance-driven model supports human behavior- based interactions as well as process control- based inteteractions. Additionally, the system adapts it's own engine's output by applying complex process synthesis algorithms derived from models of human and computer neural network processing.

    To learn more about what the   iBrain   could do for you, simply email us at   impact@impactai.com

  • About Us...

    Impact AI, LLC is a leading provider of intelligent assistant, sustainable process control solutions

    Encapsulation of prioprietary naviational guidance, distributed neural network and artificial intelligence algorithms, human behavior models, physiological psychology foudnation, enterprise applications. Provides controlled public access to the previously inaccessible algorithms.

    Over 50 years of combined collaborative applications underlying the model drawn from experience at NASA, DoD, Fortune 100 companies, and leading academic institutions such as Dartmouth, Georgia Tech, University of Connecticut, and East Tennessee State University.

    All available in an operational platform upon which you can build, or extend, you brand's reach and/or operational effectiveness.